Unsettled Times invites supporters of Our Wisconsin Revolution to send in material that members might find useful or inspiring. Reports of local chapter activities, ideas for actions, and strategies for organizing and campaigning are especially encouraged. So is commentary on the social and political issues we are facing, but this should aim to make a constructive contribution to our thinking and strategizing, not merely to vent and rant (although, a fantastically-written rant can be inspirational; the editors will have to make a judgment). Submissions that constructively criticize or disagree in some way with previous content are entirely welcome. We prefer original content, but on special occasions we may quote previously published material if it is surpassingly relevant to what we are doing (and if copyright allows). Most of what we publish will be short pieces of writing – as short as a paragraph or as long as a couple of pages – but relevant photography, art, or other media that can go on a webpage or in a PDF is also welcome. If accepted, content will be published on the web site, or in our newsletter sent electronically to all members, or both, and be available to the public for fair use under creative commons license 4.0.

There is no strict word limit, but shorter is better, since our readers have limits on their time. The longer your submission is beyond 1,500 words or so, the more riveting it will need to be. Submissions may be edited for length, grammar, and clarity, but if any edits seem to threaten the meaning, we will send it back for your approval before publishing it. Once in a while, an author may be asked to do significant revisions themselves and then re-submit. We welcome feedback on how we are doing, so feel free to write a letter to the editor, which we might also publish. Send material to editor@ourwisconsinrev.com. We look forward to your submissions!

-Matthew Kearney


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