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  1. Hello,

    My name is Aaron Taylor I am a lifelong resident of Milwaukee and a lifelong progressive with a passion for social justice, economic justice, politics, and activism. I recently got admin status of a facebook page titled Our Revolution Milwaukee from the creators of the page who made it last year but had not really done anything with it and who actually moved out of the state. I would like help managing this facebook page and would like to get into contact with the Milwaukee chapter of our revolution.


    • Alicia Leinberger says:

      Hi Aaron, this is Alicia Leinberger. I would suggest you get in touch with Krish Alexander Colón – he’s on the FB. He just got on the board of OWR and works closely with chapters around Milwaukee.
      The other person to connect with
      It would be great to have more activity there on that page. Thanks for connecting.

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