OWR began with a list of principles to develop the organization until the Founding Convention, which was held in late June, 2017. You can find those principles below, or download them here.

A copy of the approved bylaws is available to organizational and chapter members for viewing by emailing info@ourwisconsinrev.com


Organization Principles of Our Wisconsin Revolution

  1. OWR is committed to the progressive-democratic political revolution sparked by the Bernie Sanders campaign and its own People’s Platform for action.
  2. OWR will reclaim and revive democracy in Wisconsin from the local grassroots on up, with issue campaigns, candidates, ballot measures, and active citizen representation.
  3. OWR believes in a people’s economy and representative government that works for all of us.
  4. OWR endorses candidates who put people before corporate profit, pledge to represent all of us equally, protect and strengthen public service and voter rights, and stand up for future generations.
  5. OWR is committed to taking any peaceful action to advance its aims.
  6. OWR demonstrates open democracy, is governed by its members, and is politically independent of any party.
  7. By committing to these principles, I become a voting member of OWR. Tell your friends, neighbors, and family. It may take thousands of conversations to turn this tide. If we stand together, there is nothing we cannot accomplish.