OWR began with a list of principles to develop the organization until the Founding Convention, which was held in late June, 2017. You can find those principles below, or download them here.

A copy of the approved bylaws is available to organizational and chapter members for viewing by emailing info@ourwisconsinrev.com


Organization Principles of Our Wisconsin Revolution

  1. Our Wisconsin Revolution (OWR) is committed to building and advancing the political revolution initiated by the Presidential candidacy of Bernie Sanders. OWR seeks to fundamentally transform, through the exercise of popular power, a system rigged by the political, social, and economic establishment, and to realize the promise of a just, equitable, sustainable, and democratic society.
  1. OWR aims to change government in Wisconsin at all levels to embody our values and vision. We will do this through a combination of electoral action, issue advocacy, popular organization, and leadership development. We take a long view of the transformation we seek, the time it will take to realize it, and the eternal vigilance necessary to secure and defend it.
  1. OWR is an independent political organization. It is not affiliated with any political party nor does it seek to become a political party. It does not seek to replace existing organizations, and will collaborate with those who share our aims and agenda in whole or in part. It seeks to build a powerful movement for popular democracy.
  1. OWR’s electoral work will be driven by our values, vision, program, and strategy. It will not be candidate-centered or party-based. It will recruit and support credible candidates who embody the political revolution, often drawn from our own ranks or allied organizations or social movements. OWR will seek to ensure that on the campaign trail and in office our candidates embrace and advance our agenda and program.
  1. OWR’s issue advocacy will advance the agenda of the Sanders-inspired political revolution. It seeks to confront and defeat a system rigged against the people by corporate and elite interests. It aims to realize an agenda along the lines of our values and vision, determined through the democracy of our organization. OWR will work strategically to move our program forward. It recognizes that varying moments and opportunities require different approaches, from agitational aspiration to practical government.
  1. OWR aims to be a popular organization governed by its members, who shall come from all parts and reflect the demography of the state. It is committed to developing member leadership through education, training, and involvement in the programmatic work and life of the organization. OWR aims to be rooted in local grassroots organization of a large, engaged, and active membership, coordinated statewide. It is committed to nonviolence, bottom-up distributed organizing, and a recognizable statewide presence backed by real power.
  1. OWR wishes to build an organizational culture of shared struggle and community to which people actually want to belong. To us, that means a community that is welcoming, inclusive, respectful, appreciative, and transparent and communicative, as well as demanding, orderly and accountable. OWR prioritizes meaningful contribution of its members to the work of the organization, rooted in a shared analysis of how Wisconsin got to where it is now and how we will create the change we seek. Along with our political work, we are committed to shared educational, cultural, and other activities to foster the group cohesion and solidarity this community will need to meet the many challenges before it.