The goal of Our Wisconsin Revolution is to translate progressive values into government policy. Like much of the country, Wisconsin has fallen victim to a right-wing program that systematically undercuts democracy, impoverishes public institutions, and drives down living standards while ostentatiously enriching a token few. We want our local, state, and national governments to put people and the planet ahead of profits. Our vision is a government of, by, and for all of the people.

Our Wisconsin Revolution is the state chapter of Our Revolution, the institutional legacy of Bernie Sanders’ progressive platform, incorporated as a 501(c)(4). We will engage in both electoral politics and direct action. Activism and electoral campaigns can be mutually reinforcing. This is a mass-membership nonpartisan organization directed and funded by its members. We want a deeply participatory, member-driven culture that lives the values we want to realize in our local, state, and national governments.

-Matthew Lawrence Kearney, March 8, 2017

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